Custom Dedicated Servers

Custom Dedicated Servers

Every company has different IT and network requirements. If a one-size-fits-all approach to your business server does not work, custom dedicated servers might be the solution you are looking for. A customized server allows you to have more control of how much memory, RAM, and bandwidth you receive. You also gain more access to more hardware and add-on options.

When deciding on a customized server, there are at least four essential configuration selections that you need to make. These are the CPU, RAM, drive, and uplink. Finding the optimized solution for your needs means that you get the best performance from your server, and your company can carry out its specific operations seamlessly. Such flexibility can make all the difference.

Custom CPU Core

The CPU core of a server is the processor. The more cores there are, the greater the number of simultaneous operations that can be conducted. If having more processing power is integral to your business, for data analysis and machine learning, for example, being able to customize your server is crucial. You can select from between 2-16 CPU cores.

Custom RAM

Server RAM enables the processing of instructions and storage of data in CPU programs quickly. The higher the amount of RAM storage, the faster the CPU can work compared with using other storage types. You can select your server RAM from 16-256GB.

Custom Drive

Servers usually have a number of physical hard drives. As you customize your server requirements, you can opt for up to four hard drives or even as high as up to 22 hard drives. The more data and more users you have in your company, the higher the number of hard drives you should consider.

Custom Uplink

Uplink speed is an important measure when looking for a server. This speed is how much data is transferred every second. If fast connection speeds and upload times are particularly important in your line of work, consider high server uplinks. With custom dedicated servers, you get to choose ideal uplink speed from 1Gbps – 50TB.

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